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Wondering who is hiding behind these web pages? Just someone in love with dogs, honoured to have the possibility to share life with such special companions. Someone who let one great swiss mountain dog’s love sweep her off her feet, just to fall completely in love with the breed.

My philosophy is simple: a dog must earn everything. Because of this way of thinking I am supposedly to strict in the eyes of my family. I expect from the dogs that they treat each other correctly, as they should treat in a good manner every other dog or animal. They must behave well with people in every situation. This is why we try to socialize them very well and if we find a problem we put all our energy in solving it.

I am (still) a student of the Veterinary medicine University in Ljubljana, a self-taught dog behaviorist (still learning), member of different breed clubs and a breeding clerck. I work on shows in Slovenia and show my dogs whenever possible. I try to learn everything I can about my breed and I have learned a lot thru breeders I talk to. Everyone of them helps me to understand more and more and I am grateful for that. The greatest challenge for me in the last years, and the one that gives me more pleasure, is deeper my understanding of dog nutrition and explore the possibility of interaction of homeopathy and standard veterinary medicine in the betterment of the quality of life of our dogs.

 I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The house is situated on the outskirts of the regional park Tivoli-Rožnik-Šišenski hrib. It allows me to take long walks every day. The park consists of forest, meadows and quag. The dogs can run freely thru the grass, take a bath in the streams and a good scrub in the muddy ponds, enjoy the snowy winters and play with other dogs. I often go with them to the city center. Just for a coffee, a window-shopping walk or to listen to concerts in the summer. And a few kilometers outside the city we can enjoy the hills and mountain.       

Despite a fenced garden and their kennel the dogs prefer being in the house. They sleep by my bed, help in the kitchen, watch TV and enjoy the cuddly part of the evening. To keep them company I have two cats. Every morning all the four-legged family members eagerly await the buzz of the clock. They help me to weak up with drooling kisses and loud miaowing. Can the day start any differently? I frequently visit my parents on the slovenian coast. We could say the dogs have many homes. My parents are always prepared to care for them and in doing so are a big help. My mother enjoys cooking for Klark, while my father always says that the swissy tail is to long, to fast and to powerful- one strike and all the cups on the table go fly.


All the dogs are schooled to basic obedience. Further schooling depends on the dogs ability, talent and what he enjoys more.

Friends, handlers and co-owners

Co-owners of Berta, the Molnar family
Co-owners of Tersa, the Zelnik family

Nina Bester, friend and Klarks handler, our photographer


I knew Nina before she started to handle Klark, but at that time I did not know how she felt about shows and dog showing. 

She is the slovenian Junior handling winner for 2008 and our representative at Crufts 2008. And as her career of junior handler has finished (Nina turned 18 in 2009) she is on her way to become a professional dog show handler.

She has showed Klark only a few times but with great results. And now you can truly see that they got to understand each other, so Klark happily follows her around the rings. I wish her many many more successes in the show rings around the world.


Urska Medvedsek, friend, handler and dog-sitter

She is the owner of Klarks best friend Sambo- belgium shepherd Groenendael. And now with a new addition to the family of the same breed- Volt. She works as an agility teacher,competes in RO- rally obedience and agility, handles dogs and is on her way to become a dog show judge.

We have been friends for quite some time now and she is my dogs "life-saver" as they spend many days at her home. If I was away, If Klark had a bitch in heat on visit, if for some reason I could not bring both the dogs with me on my trips. We enjoy trips together, long walks, pigiama parties. She introduced to me many ideas on how to teach the dogs and I can always turn to her when in doubt.

Katja Butina, friend and handler of Leia and the Brace

She is the owner of Aika- great swiss mountaing dog, and Stars at Sea Fear in the Night and Eternal Envy du Domain du President- chinese crested dogs. She loves to show Leia and together they make a special combo. President of the slovenian club section for swiss breeds from 2007.

She drives me and my dogs around Europe lately, she takes care of my dogs when I am working on the shows. She never complains and I know for a fact that Leia can be a hand-full due to her energy levels. Fear has become Leias best friend with time and we always look forward to trot around Europe showing our beloved dogs.

»Do you want to know more about our dogs? Do you have questions about the breed and how living with a swissy is? Write to us.

With the swissy you are getting a new family member. It is an important step that should be taken with consideration. Is the typical breed representative the right dog for you? Does the swissy temperament suit you and your family?

I will be happy to answer all your questions. I like to help, so every swissy finds the home he deserves. Where he will be loved and appreciated because of his nature.«


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