Road to Helvetia

Great swiss mountain dog


Klark is BIS veterans and BOB at the international dog show Ljubljana I!

Klark and Leia both won the champion class at the WDS Salzburg 2012!


What the judges said about Klark

E. Haapaniemi, 14.3.2010, Cacib Modena

"5 and a half years old quality champion male. Very masculine. Shown in excellent condition. Very nice head, eye, exp. well carried ears. Good back, nice feet, very good neck and topline. Well bodied. Long in loin. Sound mover. Correct hindquaters."

A.Foss, 3.7.2008, WDS Stockholm

"Eye catching male. Mice proportions. Good skull. Nice fore face. Good expression. Strong neck. Good topline. Balanced angulations. Moves with drive from behind. Most beautiful coat. Good markings. Nice temperament."

E.Erusalimskiy, 13.5.2009,

Cacib Sofia (BG)

"Typical strong male. Medium long bodied. Excellent in substance and depth of body. Nice masculine head. Excellent outlines. Correct angulations both. Nice movement. Corrrect bite. Full dentitious."

What the judges said about Leia

Satu Yla Mononen, 20.4.2008

Radduno Borghetto (I)

"Excellent size, exc. long head. Medium strong bones. Excellent neck and topline. Correct bite. Good chest and body. Excellent angulations, correct tail. Moves very well. Excellent temperament."

E.Erusalimskiy, 13.5.2009,

Cacib Sofia (BG)

"Typical goodsized medium long body. Feminine bitch. Strong enough in bones. Enough substance. Nice head, good neck and topline. Good developed chest, enough forchest. Enough angulated in front, correct rear angulation. Free in movement. Correct bire. Full dentitious."

What the judges said about Berta

L. Mach, 26.9.2009 Cacib Celje

"Nice puppy, with a lot of experience in the ring. Super condition and femminine. Correct bite, typical head in compliance to the body, well presented in ring."


They took pictures of us...


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About me

First years

I went to pick her up in Salerno (Italy). Our small little puppy, the new addition to my kennel, the daughter of Klark. We met with the breeder and took Berta and Be Rudi with us to take a pizza. She was more self-assured then her brother. No rumour got her scared and a lot of people just fell in love with both of them.
After a long trip back home (1000km) they stayed with me for one day. And then the owners of Rudi came and then I took Berta in her new home. A wonderful family choose to become part of my family, my dogs, my kennel. I will never be able to thank them enough to have put their trust in me. Let us see what the future brings.
Welcome home little one! more


Schooling and exams:

school for young dogs (KD Barje)

school in advanced obedience (KD Barje), passed the exam in advanced obedience with urban conduct 91/100 points




Hip dysplasia  

HD A/B (completely free)

Elbow dysplasia

ED 0/0  (completely free)

Shoulder dysplasia or OCD

SD(OCD) 0/0 (completely free)  



Show career

1x BIS puppy, 10xCAC, 5xCacib

(till 19.6.2011)


 Champion of Croatia- CH HR


Important achievements:

EU SKVPM club winner 2010 (SLO)

Bis puppy, CAC Samobor 09 (HR)

Bis puppy, Cacib Celje 09 (SLO)


All about Berta


→All about Berta


"Girl you're one of a kind
  Cuz they don't make 'em like you anymore
  So I'll be your fan for life
                           I dedicate this to my superstar for all time..."                        (Usher,Superstar)


Berta Superstar, daughter of Klark, is coowned by us and the Molnar family. She has a page of her own, but information on her will be available here to. Welcome home little one! 


F -LITTER, 20.12.2011

Sire: Junior ChampionFrenky Glarika (HDA ED0 OCDF) X

Bitch: Champion Berta Superstar (HDA/B ED0 OCDF)


Last pregnancy weeks in detail:

6th week: She is getting slow and the belly is getting bigger and bigger. We did the ultrasound at 30 days and easily saw six puppies. Maybe one or two are still hiding.

7th week: The coowners report to feel heartbeats and movement. Berta came to my home before whelping, so she could get used to the whelping box and living with all the other animals. She did great and loved the puppies "home" or box from the star.


The puppies are here! On December 20th Berta gave birth to 7 lovely puppies. 4 males that we call Flint, Finn, Frane and Farris and 3 females by the names Fiona, Febbie and Flores. All puppies were of the same weight- a very balanced litter. All without dew claws also.

                                  Puppies on day one.


 Males Results Females Results
 Flint  Fiona