Road to Helvetia

Great swiss mountain dog

What the judges said about Klark

E. Haapaniemi, 14.3.2010, Cacib Modena

"5 and a half years old quality champion male. Very masculine. Shown in excellent condition. Very nice head, eye, exp. well carried ears. Good back, nice feet, very good neck and topline. Well bodied. Long in loin. Sound mover. Correct hindquaters."

A.Foss, 3.7.2008, WDS Stockholm

"Eye catching male. Mice proportions. Good skull. Nice fore face. Good expression. Strong neck. Good topline. Balanced angulations. Moves with drive from behind. Most beautiful coat. Good markings. Nice temperament."

E.Erusalimskiy, 13.5.2009,

Cacib Sofia (BG)

"Typical strong male. Medium long bodied. Excellent in substance and depth of body. Nice masculine head. Excellent outlines. Correct angulations both. Nice movement. Corrrect bite. Full dentitious."

Klark, 2004-2013

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch




About me

First years

He was only eight weeks old, when he stepped in out home for the first time. I remember he had nine kilos and was no bigger than our cat Mič.

He never displayed any discomfort or anxiousness coming in a new environment and losing all his littermates. On the contrary! In three days he already conquered the garden and figured out that a cat paw could slam hard on the nose. In one month he greeted the guests with laud barking and in two started to test us. He wanted our attention and if he did not get it, he would punish us in some way. Like eating the cat poo or destroying some paper he found on the more


All grown up!

Time goes by.

Just a few days and Klark will celebrate his third birthday. People still ask us if he is a young dog because of his energy and playfulness, but the time has come for us to say no. He is no longer a youngster, but a grown-up swissy. During all this years we did not encounter major problems. Not health or behavior related. We make a visit to our vet twice a year: when making the compulsory vaccinations and for a cut paw, cold or viral infection caught on walks or shows. There are no other problems. Already at 15 months Klark and I have passed the exam in basic obedience, called Bbh. Now we are continuing to work and more


Schooling and exams:

school for young dogs (KD Ljubljana)

school in advanced obedience (KD Krim), passed the exam in advanced obedience with urban conduct

attended course in RO I and RO II (KD Krim)

attended course in agility (2 years - KD Ljubljana)

participated in Junior handling competitions


Parents: Blad and Brina od Radovne


X rays
Hip dysplasia
 HD A/A (completely free)
 Elbow dysplasia
 ED 0/0 (completely free)
 OCD/shoulder dyspalsia
 SD (OCD) 0/0 (completely free)

Show career

117x CAC, 61x CACIB, 89x BOB, 8x BOG, 8x BIS

European Winner 2010+2011

vice World Winner 2008+2011+2012

VDH Europasieger 2008 & 2011

FCI Centenary champion


International champion- CH INT

Champion of Slovenia- CH SLO

Champion of Italy- CH I

Champion of Croatia- CH HR

Champion of Bosnia and Hercegovina- CH BiH

Champion of Romania- CH RO

Champion of Romania cum laude- CH ROCL

Champion of Serbia- CH SRB

Champion of Sweden- SU CH

Champion of Austria- ÖCH

Champion of Hungary- HCH

Champion of Germany VDH- Dt.Ch.VDH

Champion of Germany SSV- Dt.Ch.SSV

Campione sociale CIABS 2008

Champion of Macedonia- CH MK

Champion of Bulgaria- CH BG

Grand champion of Bulgaria- GCH BG

Balkan champion

Champion of Montenegro - CH MN

Champion of Czech republic- CH CZ

Champion of Switzerland

Champion of Slovakia



Important achievements:

3. place open class (32 dogs entered in the class), special show for great swiss mountain dogs in Burgdorf 2006 (CH)

1. place open class World dog show Poznan 2006 (PL)

BIS Zuchtschau Altdorf 2007, 100 dogs entered of all the four swiss breeds (D)

BOG Insubria winner 2007 (I)

Slovenian club champion 2007 (SLO) »TOP 10« 2007 SKVPM (counted 10 of the best show results through the year; under the club for »Big breeds and molosses« we count 32 different breeds)

VICE WORLD WINNER 2008, WDS Stockholm 2008 (S)



BIS LG-Schau Bayer-Sud 2008, 160 dogs entered of all the four swiss breeds (D)

BOG, riserve BOD IHA Graz 2008 (A)

BOG IHA St. Gallen 2008 (CH)

BOG IHA St. Gallen- jubilaums ausstellung 125 Jahre SKG (CH)

BOG Internationale zuchtschau Leipzig 2008 (D)

BOG Cacib Reggio Emilia 2008 (I)

BOG National zuchtschau Leipzig 2008 (D) champion class European dog show Budapest 2008 (H)

Slovenian club champion 2009 (SLO)

Club champion Moloss club Zagreb 2009 (HR) »TOP 10« 2008 SKVPM- he is the best show dog in a club that has 32 breeds under his wing, with slovenian and foreigner members

BOG and BIS-best in show CAC Hrusica 2009 (SLO)

BIS VSSO klubschau Mallnitz 2009, 97 dogs entered of all the four swiss breeds (A)

BIS SKSSP special dog show Cierna voda 2009, 175 dogs entered of all the four swiss breeds (SK)

BIS Moloss klub special dog show Zagreb 2009 , 291 dogs entered of 25 breeds (HR)

BOG and r.BIS-riserve best in show CACIB Celje 2009 (SLO)

BOG Cacib Komarom 2009 (H)

BOG IHA Tulln-Bundessieger 2009 (A)

BOG  IHA Innsbruck 2009 (A)

BOG Cacib Sofia 2009 (BG)

BOG IHA Friedrichshafen (D)


Austrian show winner 2009 (the dog with the best show results of all the swissies shown in Austria that do not belong to an austrian owner+ he was the highest ranking foreign dog of the FCI II group) »TOP 10« 2009 SKVPM- he is the best show dog in a club that has 32 breeds under his wing, with slovenian and foreigner members

Slovenian club champion 2010 (SLO)

BIS Radduno CIABS Reggio Emilia 2010, 65 dogs entered of all the four swiss breeds (I)

BIS Zuchtschau Altdorf 2010 (D)

BOG Cacib Brno 2010 (CZ)

BOG Special show FCI II&IX (HR)

2x BOG Duo Cacib IHA Klagenfurt (A)

European winner 2010 in Celje (SLO)

BOG IHa Klagenfurt 2011 (A)


FCI Centenary winner (D) »TOP 10« 2010 SKVPM- he is the best show dog in a club that has 32 breeds under his wing, with slovenian and foreigner members

Vice World winner 2011, WDS Paris 2011 (F)

European winner 2011 in Leeuwarden (NL)

Vice World winner 2012, WDS Salzburg 2012 (A)