Road to Helvetia

Great swiss mountain dog


Klark is BIS veterans and BOB at the international dog show Ljubljana I!

Klark and Leia both won the champion class at the WDS Salzburg 2012!


What the judges said about Klark

E. Haapaniemi, 14.3.2010, Cacib Modena

"5 and a half years old quality champion male. Very masculine. Shown in excellent condition. Very nice head, eye, exp. well carried ears. Good back, nice feet, very good neck and topline. Well bodied. Long in loin. Sound mover. Correct hindquaters."

A.Foss, 3.7.2008, WDS Stockholm

"Eye catching male. Mice proportions. Good skull. Nice fore face. Good expression. Strong neck. Good topline. Balanced angulations. Moves with drive from behind. Most beautiful coat. Good markings. Nice temperament."

E.Erusalimskiy, 13.5.2009,

Cacib Sofia (BG)

"Typical strong male. Medium long bodied. Excellent in substance and depth of body. Nice masculine head. Excellent outlines. Correct angulations both. Nice movement. Corrrect bite. Full dentitious."

What the judges said about Leia

Satu Yla Mononen, 20.4.2008

Radduno Borghetto (I)

"Excellent size, exc. long head. Medium strong bones. Excellent neck and topline. Correct bite. Good chest and body. Excellent angulations, correct tail. Moves very well. Excellent temperament."

E.Erusalimskiy, 13.5.2009,

Cacib Sofia (BG)

"Typical goodsized medium long body. Feminine bitch. Strong enough in bones. Enough substance. Nice head, good neck and topline. Good developed chest, enough forchest. Enough angulated in front, correct rear angulation. Free in movement. Correct bire. Full dentitious."

What the judges said about Berta

L. Mach, 26.9.2009 Cacib Celje

"Nice puppy, with a lot of experience in the ring. Super condition and femminine. Correct bite, typical head in compliance to the body, well presented in ring."


They took pictures of us...


Recent Blog Entries

About me

First years

Our little« princess« is five months old. She has been sharing her life with us for three months now. Klark has grown very attached to her, and we feel like she has always been with us.
Leia is quite a smart dog, which made some things easier and some more difficult. House-broken when she was three months and now at five she already understands most of the obedience commands. She has learned many things from the other residents of our house- the cats! How to climb on the dining table and eat everything you find on it, how to get to the delicious treats in the cats litterbox and how sleeping on the owners bed is normal. We patiently showed her that good dogs do not do this things... read more


All grown up!

There is absolutely no doubt our world changed by 180 degrees, when we decided to take Leia  in our home. This big lady with a large ego was about to win our hearts.

We were searching for a breeding female and a dog with working character. We found the litter and narrowed it down to two females. Later we decided for the one Ivana Lipenska (her breeder) was calling »grozna štenetka«. She was the most sweet »terrible puppy« I ever saw. Sure of herself, strong minded from the start, extroverted and to active to grow into a healthy swissy. But together we did it- she is clear for every skeletal disease. She is a happy pack member, by my side whatever more

Schooling and exams:

school for young dogs (KD Ljubljana)

school in advanced obedience (KD Ljubljana), passed the exam in advanced obedience with urban conduct (95/100 points)

RO training

My health



Hip dysplasia  

HD A/A (completely free)

Elbow dysplasia

ED 0/0  (completely free)

Shoulder dysplasia or OCD

SD(OCD) 0/0 (completely free)  





Eyes examination (under ECVO) 20.03.2009





Cataract congenitalFree















Faith from Swiss Star    

ED 0/0

OCD (SD) 0/0





Stud dog:

Karhunkierros Darko  



ED 0/0

OCD (SD) 0/0



















 Statistics P-litter of kennel from Swiss Star




ED 0  ED 1 OCD
 Prisca+ +
 Phyllis Darley
 Paris+ +
 Pharis Fair
 Princess Leia
 Pinky Bark
 Pancky Dantos
 Portos Astor






Show career

21xCAC, 13xCacib, 5xBOB

(till 2.4.11)


International champion

Champion of Macedonia- CH MK

Champion of Bulgaria- CH BG

Grand champion of Bulgaria- GCH BG

Balkan champion 

Champion of Serbia- CH SRB

Champion of Slovakia- CH SK

Champion of Slovenia- CH SLO

Champion of Austria- OCH

Champion of Croatia- CH HR


Important achievements:


JUNIOR VICE EUROPEAN WINNER 2008 open class World dog show Bratislava 2009 (SK)

Winner of Best bitch at the club show in Austria VSSO 2010, club champion champion class World dog show Salzburg 2012 (AT)

Other titles:

Junior club winner SHKK 2008 (HUN) »TOP 10« 2008 SKVPM (counted 10 of the best show results through the year; under the club for »Big breeds and molosses« we count 32 different breeds) »TOP 10« 2009 SKVPM (counted 10 of the best show results through the year; under the club for »Big breeds and molosses« we count 32 different breeds)


K-LITTER, 26.5.2009

Sire: Multi Champion Klark (HDA ED0 OCDF) X

Bitch: Multichampion Princess Leia from Swiss Star (HDA ED0 OCDF)


The puppies have their own page "K litter". 

(The page will be updated with the help of the owners of the puppies- their texts and pictures. Let`s see if we can make this idea work)


Last pregnancy weeks in detail:

6th week: She is getting slow and the belly is getting bigger and bigger. We did the ultrasound at 30 days and easily saw eight puppies. I guess the real number will be a surprise. Hopefully everything will go well. She gained 9 kilos so far.

7th week: Heartbeats and movement. I can feel puppies move and Leia is getting more and more attached to me and people. She is doing great for a pregnant bitch, 12 days away from birth. She eats regularly and is very active. It is time to prepare our whelping box.

8th week: Princess-quarters done and now we are waiting. Leia is more restless and easily tired. She had two days of poor eating, but now she is back to normal.
She gained 12 kilos.



The puppies are here! On may 27th Leia gave birth to 8 lovely puppies. 4 males that we call Keeler, Krusher, Kodos and Kozak and 4 females by the names Kira, Keeley, Korina and Kamala. All puppies were of the same weight- a very balanced litter. 

                                  Puppies on day one.


 Males Results Females Results
 Keeler (Slovenia)
  Korina (Finland)
 Kozak (Slovenia)
  Kamala (Slovenia)
 Kodos (Slovenia)
  Keeley (Italy)
 Krusher (Croatia)
  Kira (Denmark)

 *18 months in November 2011! From then on we can expect results from Xrays as the buyers were advised in the contracts.